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Thanks to 100% service, you can increase the seasonal efficiency of your machines. You can also reduce the number of repairs required due to neglected regular service or defects underestimated while still in early stages. For more information, see the section Service and Testing.

Random products

Mounted sprayer NAPA NT

Trailed sprayer PONY

Trailed sprayer MUSTANG

Matrix Pro570 and 840

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Happy owners

AGRODAN Company owner of GM-R Voyager sprayer

Ing. Daniel Leitman, owner of AGRODAN Company from Koš, Slovakia, is one of the happy owners of GM-R Voyager sprayer. More

PD Nižná

The agricultural cooperative Nižná has also purchased the PONY trailed sprayer. More in video.

Although approximately 450.000 ha of land in Slovakia are equipped with drainages, their functionality after years of neglect is questionable. Apart from soil concretion, impassability can be caused by mechanical damage of the drainage system... For more information, see the section Drain Cleaners.





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