About the Company

GREENPON Ltd. was founded in January 1998. We specialize in production of professional spraying technology and drain cleaners. The construction design of our spraying booms is absolutely unique, based on the suspension of the entire application frame.

We provide our clients with the most modern technologies in the application of pesticides and liquid fertilizers:

  • antidrift nozzles
  • GPS navigation
  • N Sensor
  • automatic boom section control through GPS


Sprayers: Production and Selling

We offer a wide range of sprayers:

  • lighter mounted sprayers ideal for small farmers
  • large professional sprayers designed to cover thousands of hectars, equipped with the latest precision farming technology (Pony, Mustang, Voyager).
  • we can manufacture sprayers with working width from 15 to 36 metres and tank volume from 600 to 6000 litres
  • efficient and reliable self-propelled sprayers IBIS a MAF from Mazzotti
  • modern, unique Hardi sprayers
  • we also provide reconstruction and overall rebuilding of older sprayers
  • GPS navigation technologies

We use satelite navigation for more than just pesticide application. Our repertory includes:

  • automatic boom section control Field IQ and EZ-Boom from the Trimble company and  BoomPilot from the TeeJet company
  • autopilots a assisted steering systems Trimble a TeeJet

Sprayers: Service and Testing

Instant, high-quality service – that is the main requirement of our clients we try to respect. The reliability of our sprayers is further supported by responsible approach of our service technicians who are always ready to help. To be able to provide instant help, we have three fully equipped service cars at our disposal.

In 2003 our company received a Certificate of Competency to Perform Regular Checking of Mechanization Equipment for Plant Protection from the Technical and Experimental Institute of Agriculture in Rovinka. Since then we have tested hundreds sprayers of various types and brands.

Drain Cleaners Production

We manufacture drain cleaners for our Dutch business partner S-S Enginering BV. They are being sold in twelve European countries and used for cleaning field drainages (type Professional) or farm sewages (type MD-50). The multifunctional machine PONY Communal is designed to be used in village sewage systems.

Our Business Section Is Here to Help

It is not easy to find one’s way in the multitude of technical possibilities. Contact our business section for help, advice and information about possible procedures, technology and accesories. 

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